Pre-purchase car inspection Gatineau and Ottawa

We offer a pre-purchase vehicle inspection service throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Kanata, Barrhaven, Orleans, Aylmer, Buckingham and more. If you have any doubts, ask us!

Do you want to buy a used vehicle and would like to have it inspected quickly?

Can't take the day off to drive to an Ottawa/Gatineau garage and wait for the inspection to be done? or are you unable to get there?

The seller is friendly, but you would like to have the opinion of an independent expert to help you make your purchase with confidence?

Kiwiz has the solution for you!

The Kiwiz pre-purchase car inspection is a service:

A Fastservice, delivered within 48 hours.

Mobile. You don't need to move! Our mobile mechanics go on site, to the dealership or the particular seller, to inspect the car. You can stay at home or at work.

An independent. Mobile mechanics in the Ottawa and Gatineau region are impartial. They work in your best interest. In addition, they hold the 310S certification (in Ontario) or are CPA certified (in Quebec).

If you want to know more about our mechanics, it's by here.

How does it works?

    1. You book online.
    2. An inspector from our network in the region accepts the mandate and calls the seller.
    3. He goes on site to inspect the car on 170 points: mechanical, aesthetic, functional, road test, photos and cost of repairs to be made.
    4. You receive the call from the expert who advises you on the purchase and where you can ask your questions. Following which you will receive a comprehensive and easy to understand report.
    5. You make your choice with complete peace of mind

What are the inspected points? Can I see a sample report?

You will find more information about the inspection and the report here.

Why is it important to have a vehicle inspected before purchase in Ottawa/Gatineau?

Here are at least 6 good reasons:

The Service Ontario safety inspection is not a guarantee that the car is in good condition.

The government itself says so. It consists only of the verification of minimum security standards.

Even if the seller seems honest, it is still important to have the vehicle checked by a third party.

The seller doesn't always act in your best interest. That's why it's best to make sure you take precautions to make the most informed purchase possible.

The government is aware of the importance of a pre-purchase car inspection, which is why it is written into law.

You have the right to request an inspection executed by a third party on the vehicle (even at a dealer), IT'S THE LAW. If the seller objects, take that as a "Red flag".

Life is too short to end up in a repair shop every 2 months.

Your (possibly future) car may need $3000 worth of repairs that you are unaware of. Would you still buy it? After a thorough inspection of the car before purchase, the cost of the recommended repairs to be carried out is estimated, so that you can make an informed choice.

The current crazy used car market in Ontario and the GTA is not a reason to skip the pre-purchase car inspection.

Demand is greater than supply and you may feel strong pressure to buy faster. Because of this, some people sometimes end up with unpleasant surprises after the purchase. Pressure is NOT a reason to fail to do a pre-purchase inspection. Keep calm, there are many other opportunities in the market.

Our service crosses borders

If your place of residence and the location of the vehicle are not in the same province, it is not a problem. We have inspectors in Quebec and Ontario!

We all know a person who was scammed when buying a used car, for lack of caution. Why would you be that person?

Pre-purchase car inspections in Ottawa/Gatineau

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