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Kiwiz FAQ

Have you found the car or the car ad that interests you? Then now is the right time to sign up for an inspection!

If you haven't found your car yet, you can help yourself from our model recommendation tools(link) or search for the best ads

No, Kiwiz focusses on the used car market. And then, getting a good deal by buying a new vehicle is rare. Here is the average depreciation cycle of a car. And then, good deals are made on occasion!

Our inspectors can travel to the following areas and suburbs: 

  • Montreal 
  • South Shore of Montreal
  • North Shore of Montreal
  • Saint-Jerome
  • Saint-Sauveur

If you are not sure if we serve your area, do not hesitate to contact us via our chat!

They may be mechanics or engineers who have worked in the automotive industry for many years. Our recruitment and training processes are strict to ensure the good automotive and mechanical knowledge of the inspectors, as well as their rigor in carrying out the mandate.

The most complete verification on the market, which includes: a mechanical report, a functional report, a road test, the expert's final opinion, the list of potential repairs to be planned, and a negotiation.
An inspection with all the necessary and recommended points to check before a purchase!

Yes ! Our inspection is one of the most comprehensive in Canada. It allows you to subscribe to an extended warranty with our partner GVC Garantie (you won't find a cheaper warranty elsewhere 🙌)

No you don't need! The inspector goes directly to the owner (individual or dealer).

The inspection lasts 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes and the report will be sent to you immediately once an internal audit has been done to ensure that it is complete and carried out rigorously. 

Yes! A mechanical inspection is recommended when purchasing between individuals and at a dealership. Kiwiz offers total objectivity, unlike some dealers who have no qualms about hiding certain defaults in order to sell better.

Our inspectors are responsive and once your request has been received, we undertake to send you the report within 48 hours. However, it may happen that the individual or the dealer is not available within 48 hours, which would lengthen the delay. We are out of control of these situations and we release ourselves from this responsibility. But don't panic, we do everything to ensure that the report is received within 48 hours!

If the vehicle has been sold in the meantime : Kiwiz gives you a credit for an upcoming inspection. If you prefer a refund, it is possible, subject to a $30 processing fee.

In case the seller does not want Kiwiz to come and inspect the vehicle : this is a bad sign because it is likely that the vehicle has defects that the seller wants to hide. We therefore advise you to turn to another vehicle. 
Be careful, it's up to you to make sure beforehand that the seller agrees that you have a third-party inspection done.
You will still be able to obtain a Kiwiz credit on your next inspection. 

Just contact us on chat ! to find out if we do these kinds of inspections, as well as to get the price. 

Inspecting the floor of a car is not only possible when it is 7 feet high!

It is quite possible to inspect a car without lifting it onto a bridge.
Inspectors from the Kiwiz network are used to bending down to analyze vehicle floors.
A photo of the floor is included in all of our inspection reports.

Just like the shocks which are visually inspected before being rigorously tested during the road test. For vehicles with low ground clearance (mainly luxury sports vehicles), we can ask the inspector to use ramps to raise the vehicle.
This is one of the reasons why exotic vehicle inspections require a quote. Each request is different and must be treated in a personalized way.