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1 in 6 cars has a back mileage. The used vehicle market is a jungle. Too often we hear stories of buyers who soon after purchase end up with big bills. Buying a car is an important life project and it shouldn't be stressful. Each his trade. Ours is to make sure you buy the right vehicle.

Inspection of a vehicle does not require lifting it 6 feet high. Our inspectors are equipped to check the good condition and the presence of rust of the lifting points, the structure (frame) as well as the exhaust.
If there is a leak under the vehicle in the transmission, gearbox or differential, we will know. Lifting the vehicle would allow the source of the leak to be determined more precisely. For us, the presence of a leak on one of these components is sufficient to advise against the purchase. The intervention to repair such a leak would cost several thousand dollars. The Kiwiz Inspection has been designed to offer the most comprehensive pre-purchase inspection possible.

If you are not sure if the city is served, you can always contact us to confirm.

Yes, we have licensed and trained inspectors to inspect electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The inspection proposed for this type of vehicle was designed with several experts in the field.

No. it is the inspector who decides the time of the inspection. This allows them to avoid unnecessary journeys. Of course, you are kept informed of the date and time of the inspection once the appointment has been made with the seller. The Kiwiz team ensures that the intervention is carried out within 48 hours after the reservation. If you book on Monday morning at 10 a.m., you will receive the inspection report no later than Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. Rest assured that we are doing our best to be as responsive as possible. It may be that the inspection is done over 48 hours if the seller does not have close availability.

Yes ! It's your right to have a car from a dealership inspected by a third party, and it's highly recommended!
We carry out inspections for old and new vehicles, sold between individuals and in dealerships. Kiwiz Network mechanics are not affiliated with any dealership or garage. It is essential to maintain the neutrality of our service.
We are aware that some dealers recommend using Kiwiz, as we offer rapid response. We appreciate being referred and we reaffirm our total independence. We are and will remain pro-consumer.

Our inspectors are reactive and once the reservation has been made, we undertake to carry out the inspection within 48 hours, from Monday to Sunday.
However, it may happen that the particular seller or dealer is not available within 48 hours, which would lengthen the delay. These situations are beyond our control and we release ourselves from this responsibility.

Your presence is not recommended. Here are the main reasons:

– Reduces the chances of having an inspection within 48 hours.

– Finding a common availability between the seller, an inspector and you complicates the logistics in addition to reducing the chances of finding a schedule within 48 hours.

– It could affect the quality of the work of our inspectors. Concentration is crucial for the inspector, it allows them to be rigorous about the analysis of the vehicle. The inspection can last up to 2h30 depending on the type of vehicle.

If you wish to be present, we invite you to indicate it in the “Additional requests” section of the reservation form.

If the vehicle has been sold in the meantime: : Kiwiz offers a credit for a future inspection, without time limit.

In case the seller does not want Kiwiz to come and inspect the vehicle: : this is a bad sign, it is likely that the seller is aware of a hidden defect in the vehicle. Kiwiz offers a credit for a future inspection, with no time limit.

Note that it is up to you to make sure beforehand that the seller agrees that you have a third-party inspection done.

If you prefer a refund, simply notify us and the amount of the inspection will be credited to you, subject to a $30 processing fee.

The SAAQ inspection consists of a visual inspection of its main components.
Regarding the Kiwiz service, it offers a pre-purchase inspection which allows a thorough check of the car. The mission of this inspection is to verify that the vehicle is in good working order so that you do not end up with a lemon in your hands.

The safety inspection confirms that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards on the date the certificate was issued. Service Ontario specifies that "It is not a warranty or guarantee of the vehicle’s condition".
Regarding the Kiwiz service, it offers a pre-purchase inspection which allows a thorough check of the car. The mission of this inspection is to verify that the vehicle is in good working order so that you do not end up with a lemon in your hands.

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