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Missions that make sense

Bring your expertise. Make the difference.

With all the lemons in the market and the lack of confidence individuals have in dealers, it's difficult to buy a used vehicle with confidence

This is why our clients choose us: for the relationship of trust that we build with them, and this, thanks to our network of trusted inspectors.

Bring your expertise, have a real impact on customers, and let's make Kiwiz THE trusted reference in the used automobile industry.

How does a mission work?

1.Accept inspection

As soon as a client subscribes to an inspection, the mandate is sent to the entire network of Kiwiz inspectors. If you are interested, express your interest on the 1st!

2. Meeting with the seller

Call the vehicle owner (individual or dealer) and arrange a time for an appointment to inspect the vehicle.

3. Inspection

Using a cell phone app, you check 170 points: aesthetic, functional, mechanical, bodywork, potential accidents, a road test and a detailed photo report.

4. Final opinion

In total transparency and thanks to the inspection carried out, you give your final opinion to the customer: do you recommend the purchase of the vehicle?


You are finally paid!

The profile we want

  • Have good automotive skills and knowledge (Backgrounds: Mechanic, automotive engineer, workshop manager)
  • Reliability
  • Reactivity
  • Rigor
  • Knowing how to popularize inspection for the customer

Do you recognize yourself in this profile?

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