Join the Kiwiz inspector network

Showcase your expertise for a few hours a week, and make ends meet.

Missions that make sense

Value your expertise.

With all the lemons on the market and little confidence in the industry, today it is difficult to buy a used vehicle with confidence.

This is why our clients choose us: for the relationship of trust that we build with them, thanks to our network of trusted inspectors.

Use your expertise have a real impact on buyers, and let's make Kiwiz THE trusted reference in the used automobile industry.

How is an inspection mandate carried out?

1.Accept inspection

As soon as a client subscribes to an inspection, we send the mandate to the entire network of Kiwiz inspectors on our app. If you are interested, you accept the mandate!

2. Meeting with the seller

Call the vehicle owner (individual or dealer) and arrange a time for an appointment to inspect the vehicle.

3. Car Inspection

Using a cell phone form, you check 170 points: aesthetic, functional, mechanical, bodywork, potential accidents, a test drive and a detailed photo report.

4. Final opinion and call with client

You call the customer to debrief him on the inspection: do you recommend buying the vehicle?

Once the mandate is completed, you are paid.

The profile we want

Know how :

  • Apprentice mechanic 3rd year and above
  • Experience in buying and selling or automotive inspections
  • Automotive engineer profile

Know-how : 

  • Reactivity, rigorreliability, communication


  • Hold a valid class 5 driver's license
  • Have a mobile cellular data plan

Do you recognize yourself in this profile?

Send us your resume at, in addition to answering these questions:

  1. How many available hours do you have per week to carry out inspection mandates?
  2. How many years of mechanical experience do you have?

  3. How far are you willing to travel to get to the inspection site? 

  4. Where do you live ? (this allows you to determine the sector you could cover)
  5. What languages ​​do you speak ?
  6. Do you have a valid class 5 driver's license?
  7. Do you have a car and valid car insurance?