Car inspection Quebec

Our mechanics come to the seller's location to perform a 170-point pre-purchase car inspection, and give you a detailed report over the phone and by email.

How far do Kiwiz inspectors travel to inspect your (future) vehicle in the National Capital Region?

Some Kiwiz inspectors are covering the greater Quebec City area. They travel over a radius of approximately XNUMX km around the city of Quebec. The cities that are served: Quebec, Portneuf, Boischatel, Saint-Nicolas, Lévis, Saint-Étienne-de-Lauzon and more!

Why do a car inspection in Quebec?

In Quebec, cars are generally in less good condition than in the rest of the country. Indeed, there is no obligation of inspection or recurring "check up", which means that everyone is left to themselves as to the maintenance of their car. In addition, the salt used in winter on the roads accelerates the development of rust (which can lead to more serious problems such as the loss of rigidity of the chassis) and the poor quality of the roads also damages the vehicles.

Doing a pre-purchase car inspection is therefore essential. But here's the thing: it's a  pain. We therefore wanted to build a comprehensive inspection that was easy to access and offered real support to help our customers buy the right car.

What does the Kiwiz inspection consist of?

Competent experts


Your inspection is in good hands. Our inspectors in the region are all highly qualified, CPA-certified mechanics.

See more information about the content of the inspection.

An accompaniment, you will not be left in doubt

We won't leave you alone in the tedious work of deciphering an inspection report. You will get a detailed, easy to understand report AND an expert's recommendation on whether or not to buy the car. You will receive the call from your inspector after the inspection during which you can ask all your questions.

A simple process, in 48 hours

The booking process and payment are done online.

The inspectors go to the place where the car is. Don't waste your time going to the shop!

You are kept informed step by step by email, all within 48 hours.

How does the Kiwiz inspection service work?

  1. You book your inspection on our website 
  2. An expert from our network in the national capital accepts the inspection and calls the seller (dealer or private individual) to schedule the inspection appointment.
  3. They go on site within 48 hours to inspect the vehicle on 170 points: functional, mechanical, cost of repairs to be carried out, road test, aesthetic condition and photos.
  4. The inspector calls you, advises you on the purchase and you can ask your questions. Finally you receive a complete and easy to understand report by email.
  5. You make a choice with confidence!

What are the inspected points? Can I see a sample report?

You will find more information about the inspection and the report here.

Special Quebec FAQ

Is it a problem if it's snowing?

Unless there's a snowstorm, no. Our inspectors are on the move at all times!

Is the SAAQ inspection mandatory?

In the majority of cases, no. If you buy a vehicle from Ontario to register it in Quebec, yes, you will have to do one. You will find here all other exceptions.

Can I choose the date and time of my inspection?

No, the exact time of your inspection depends on the schedule agreed upon between your seller and your inspector. If there is a special case, you can let us know when you fill out your booking!

How long does the inspection take in the Quebec region?

In less than 48 hours. Our inspectors in the Quebec City area are very reactive. Your reservation will be quickly taken care of and you will be notified at every step. 

What should I do after the Kiwiz inspection is complete?

The inspection is positive? Great ! Once you have agreed with the seller on the price, go to the SAAQ for the registration if you buy it from an individual (Psst: bring a screwdriver to change the plate!)

The different options for having a vehicle inspected in Quebec

Repair shops

On-site inspection / no need to travel




Independent opinion (no influence from vehicle owner, no repairs for sale afterwards)




Estimated repair costs included in the report




Other areas where Kiwiz is available for pre-purchase car inspections

Questions about our pre-purchase car inspection in Quebec?
Find more information on our homepage or contact us !

Before having your (potential future) car inspected in Quebec, here are 3 tips:

  • Always call the owner! This will allow you to have additional information such as: the reason for the sale, the equipment included, if it is okay to let a third party do an inspection, etc.
  • Buy the CARFAX (you can buy it online here!)
  • Don't rely on mileage alone. A 150 000km car may be in better condition than a 100 000km car!


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