What is an auto insurance?

An auto insurance is a contract that binds the insured (you) and the insurance company, making it possible to cover bodily damage and material damage caused (injuries, theft, fire, etc.)

There is the public SAAQ plan which automatically covers all Quebecers free of charge for bodily injury (injury, death, etc.). You will be compensated whether you are responsible or not, and cannot be prosecuted in court for bodily injury caused.

Then there are the private plans, which allow you to subscribe to two types of insurance:

  • One way insurance : allows you to cover the damages caused with your vehicle
  • Car insurance car insurance : allows you to cover the damage caused with your vehicle + those caused to yours.

For example, in the event of an accident where you are at fault, one edge insurance will cover the damage your car caused to the person driving the other car. Two-way insurance will cover you and the person in the other car.

Is auto insurance mandatory?

Yes, private insurance subscription is mandatory. According to the Quebec Automobile Insurance Act, all vehicles must be covered by civil liability insurance (one way insurance) of at least 50 000 CAD$. 

With a cash purchase, you will have the choice between "one-way" or "two-way" insurance. Conversely, for a purchase with financing, you will most certainly be forced to take out “two way” insurance.

Insurance protects everyone, and this is good news when you know that the damage often runs into the thousands of dollars.

How much does it cost ?

The price of an insurance policy will depend on several factors, and can vary from one to two times. For example, criteria like your driving record (tickets, previous accidents, etc.) will increase the amount.

Depending on your profile, some companies will be cheaper. 

To find your price, there are 3 ways:

  • call the companies one by one (well, we won't hide it from you, it's long, and not very trendy, but many still work like that ... 🙄)
  • Make insurer quotes online, one by one. 
  • Use an insurance comparator, which compares all companies at once

Why use a comparator?

1, You’ve got other things to do.

2, don't want an advisor to call you during your Netflix movie… eh oh, we are in 2022!

3, you want the best price. $ 10 less per month, that's 6 more piknic electronik more per year!

In short, that's why we do business with the only Quebec comparator that instantly compares more than XNUMX insurers and allows you to find the cheapest quote.